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Benefits of realfooding or real food

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Not everyone has heard of Realfooding, so in this article I will talk about its benefits. It is a movement promoted by dietitian-nutritionist Carlos Ríos. The concept of RealFooding or the real food it promotes is not something new in itself, but it does an excellent job of spreading, sharing and making its extensive knowledge on this subject reach as many people as possible.

People need to know that RealFooding is not necessarily a way of eating, but a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which bets on the consumption of fresh, seasonal and locally grown products, thus minimizing the impact on the environment.

What is real food or real food?

First of all, this diet is based on the consumption of natural foods, because they are very rich in vital nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, …), such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, germs. , germs, legumes, eggs, meat and fish of organic or organic origin which ensure that they have maintained a natural and low-fat diet.

Experts say that another advantage of foods in a real diet is that they do not contain additives such as dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers that worsen the nutritional and healthy quality of the product.

In order to benefit from a healthier body, people need to follow a healthy lifestyle, because the diet guidelines or real foods are very beneficial for the body. In this article I will tell you some advantages of this real diet:

  • With their help, your body will receive more energy, without recessions or lack of concentration, because natural and fresh foods provide us with all their nutrients.
  • Adequate weight. In such diets, calories should not be taken into account. Real food satisfies you, nourishes you, keeps your body clean and healthy. Add a few daily exercises to the formula.
  • Strong immune system.
  • The new sense of taste, you will appreciate the true flavors of the food.
  • With this, your sleep will be much calmer, and you will feel much better
  • Clean and detoxified body, you will notice it especially on the skin, hair and nails.
  • And last but not least, you will have a much better digestion