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Benefits of the raw diet

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    Many people who follow these raw diets are usually vegetarians. Their diet is largely based on vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and seaweed, but there is also a group of ovo-lacto-vegetarians that include the consumption of unpasteurized dairy products and raw eggs. . . Others eat raw meat and fish.

Benefiting from such diets, rather represents a lifestyle, is in tune with nature, with life. Respectful of ourselves and the environment. The earth gives us everything we need to feed ourselves.

The benefits of these types of diets are:

  • Environmental benefits. From an ecological point of view, not processing or cooking food saves time, money, energy and environmental pollution in the food industry: packaging of plastics, polluting gases, wastewater, etc.
  • More energy. With the help of vegetables, people will be much more energetic, because they promote the purification of the body and improve health.
  • Higher nutritional contribution. By not exposing food to high temperatures, they retain their macro and essential micronutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. High temperatures destroy nutrients such as vitamins, especially beef. C and vit. B, minerals and fatty acids, denature proteins, turn fats into carcinogens. In addition, what cooking methods such as grill or grill release toxic and degenerative substances for our body.
  • Less toxic. Specialists in the field say that these types of foods are less toxic to our body. They keep the body much healthier and cleaner, because by not being processed, they are free of substances that are added industrially, such as trans and saturated fats, artificial additives and dyes, which, in addition to not providing any nutrients, are toxic, which in the long run cause intolerances, allergies and even diseases and force the body to make an extra effort, both to digest them and to eliminate them.
  • Greater hydration in the water provided by vegetables and fruits and greater oxygenation for blood and cells. Antioxidants that slow down aging.
  • Better absorption of nutrients. The enzymes found in these raw foods, which are destroyed during cooking, allow better absorption of nutrients and facilitate digestion, making it faster and easier, thus preventing food from fermenting the body and accelerate waste disposal.