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Plants to reduce appetite

     As you already know, natural is recommended by all specialists. If you follow a diet to lose extra pounds, I recommend reading about plants, because they will help you achieve your goal.

     There are many herbs to reduce your appetite. They can act as fillers in the digestive system or in the brain, inhibiting the feeling of hunger.

     When these plants come in contact with water, they grow and reach the stomach causing a feeling of satiety that causes us to eat less food.

     We will talk about those plants that can be helpful, but it is always advisable to get advice from a good specialist who will be the one to tell us which can be the best plants and how we should take them.

     Besides this great benefit of helping you get rid of unwanted pounds, they also help regulate cholesterol and intestinal transit.

     The plants for reducing appetite are the following:

  • Guar gum. This plant originates from India. It hydrates very quickly, multiplying its size and producing a satiety effect. It should be taken before meals and it will help us eat less food.
  • Glucomannan. There are many soluble fibers in the composition of this plant. When they come in contact with water, they will increase in size up to a hundred times. It causes a feeling of fullness that decreases appetite. Being very rich in fiber, it also improves intestinal transit.
  • Spirulina: freshwater algae very rich in protein. It has mucilages that make it a satiating and slightly laxative product.
  • Apple pectin. Experts say that this is a dietary fiber and should be taken before meals to cause satiety. Absorbs sugars and fats from food, delaying intestinal absorption. It should be taken half an hour before meals.
  • Plantago, decreases the absorption of carbohydrates and when swelling with water produces a satiating effect that decreases appetite. It is one of the best known and most economical plants for reducing appetite.
  • Yerba mate. If you drink this tea, you will feel much better, and you will reduce your hunger pangs. Combined with good exercise, it is a great support to help us lose weight.